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Fabrics, the new 2023 Catalogue

Wednesday 23 November 2022, Vestone

The softness of fabric, the texture of mesh. This is Ivars 2023 Fabric selection The new Fabric ...

O·Liner elegant lines, a clean form

Wednesday 21 September 2022, Vestone

Introducing O·Liner, the new Ivars proposal for Office environments. With its soft curves, and clean, discreet yet ...

Enter My Ivars: your dedicated portal.
Consulting invoices, tracking orders, transport documents,
both processed and in progress, and special offers, is made easy.
My Ivars enables you to access an always up-to-date price list, optimizing your productivity.


X·Pro, the new shape of comfort

Tuesday 08 March 2022, Vestone

Ivars presents the new X·Pro backrest: the result of an intense work carried out by Ivars ...
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Mission & Vision

We want to give value.
We are IVARS S.p.A., a company seated in Vestone, Brescia area. We are specialised in plastic material processing.
IVARS was born in 1947 in Val Sabbia...

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