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N·Time: dynamism and versatility for the perfect seating solution

Wednesday 14 February 2024, Vestone

N·Time is an adaptable backrest whose unique design develops around its main component: a shaped backbar. Elegant ...

Step: The new entry-level armrest

Friday 12 January 2024, Vestone

Step, the new armrest that boasts simplicity, functionality and aesthetics: all the essential features of Ivars ...


A new tool

A functional and versatile range, the result of 4 years of work,
described in detail from a technical standpoint.


Anchor: the new Directional chair

Wednesday 15 November 2023, Vestone

Where design and comfort are the protagonists. With its sinuous lines, the new backrest lends refinement, innovation ...
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Mission & Vision

We want to give value.
We are IVARS S.p.A., a company seated in Vestone, Brescia area. We are specialised in plastic material processing.
IVARS was born in 1947 in Val Sabbia...

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