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Ivars S.p.a Vestone

We want to
give value

Research to excel on the market

We are IVARS S.p.A., a company seated in Vestone, Brescia area. We are specialised in plastic material processing. IVARS was born in 1947 in Val Sabbia and it has developed a high level know how. It is specialised on three different areas:
Seating: components for seating, from gliders to headrests and seat and backs;
Accessories: for furniture;
Building: products for construction industries;

Our added value is to consider people as the center.

Thanks to the know-how and experience of its workers, who have a defining role throughout the company developing process, IVARS is able to offer personalised, innovative, high performing solutions. The company develops its products on the basis of a direct dialogue with its clients, to transform ideas into functional objects.

Ivars Certificati certificates


Management system in place
an ISO 9001: 2015

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Our mission is to give real answers to our clients' needs.

IVARS invests on workers to offer them the opportunity to be able to create innovative and client-oriented solutions. IVARS invests on research and development activities in order to have high quality and future oriented products. Our 70 year experience in plastic material processing along with our capacity to adapt and meet market's requirements as distinctive elements of our daily work.

A Vision for
the whole group

Man in the center.

IVARS works to give value to people as protagonists of the evolution process. For this reason the company invests on people both as clients and workers to offer innovative and modern solutions.

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