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Surf and discover the latest Ivars news in our building division, chair components and furniture accessories.
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Ivars @ Interzum 2023

Wednesday 05 April 2023, Vestone

Thanks to all those who dropped by to see us at The Big 5 2022

Monday 19 December 2022, Vestone

The new 2023 Accessories Catalogue

Friday 02 December 2022, Vestone

Fabrics, the new 2023 Catalogue

Wednesday 23 November 2022, Vestone

Ivars Building awaits you at The Big 5 in Dubai

Friday 11 November 2022, Vestone

Ivars thanks everyone after its experience at Sicam 2022

Monday 31 October 2022, Vestone

Ivars concludes its experience at Orgatec 2022

Monday 07 November 2022, Vestone

Orgatec 2022: Ivars awaits you in a special meeting area

Friday 21 October 2022, Vestone

O·Liner elegant lines, a clean form

Wednesday 21 September 2022, Vestone

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