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Wednesday 25 March 2020, Vestone


Within its broad selection of seating components and ready-to-assemble kits, Ivars gives ample space to office furnishing. Inside the Office cataloguethese product ranges include different solutions, grouped according to their use: tasks, multi-purpose and guest.

In addition to their intended use, Ivars office furniture also takes the surrounding workspace and business context into consideration. Following this principle, we have identified four main categories: Start Up, Operative, Executive, and Directional, each with specific features suited to different workspaces.

The young, casual Start Up collection includes design-friendly chairs with simple technology; the Operative range is more conventional and focused on functionality, featuring essential lines and advanced technology. While formal environments require chairs that are highly advanced in terms of technology and design, as is the case with the Executive line. Lastly the Directional collection includes proposals characterized by elevated attention to detail and fine materials.

Ivars’ willingness to expand and differentiate its office seating range is perfectly in-line with the company's goal. Ivars does not want to offer simple chair components, but furnishing solutions. This is the idea that underlies all new items previewed at Interzum 2019.

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Officially presented in February 2020, I70 is the new Ivars chair from the Directional line, designed and manufactured to decorate elegant, exceptionally formal spaces where refined forms and absolute comfort are a must.

This very ambitious Ivars project is unique within the Italian and European market.

In fact, it comes from extensive studies by the Research & Development team, and it is the perfect combination of our company's expertise, technical skill and innovative spirit.

As Cristian Ballerini, Head of Ivars R&D, said: ‘The real challenge of I70 model was combining refined, minimalist design with a highly-durable structure. Technically speaking, the weight loaded on the backrest and armrests is fully distributed on the back bar linked to the mechanism. To make this possible, we carried out in-depth studies on the durability and sturdiness of the chair itself’.

He added: 'the other unique technical detail of I70 model is the lumbar support in a bicomponent material, made of transparent thermoplastic rubber. This choice arose from our desire for a transparent appearance that wouldn’t ruin the clean, essential design of the backrest, ensuring maximum comfort’.



The model features three interesting elements specially developed to maximise the product's aesthetics and comfort:

  1. Armrests harmonized with the backrest, which gives the chair sophisticated linear uniformity, ensuring its unique design and an extremely comfortable feel.
  2. Innovative bicomponent lumbar support, which provides soft, comfortable support. And thanks to the smoky color shading it is extremely elegant.
  3. Generous proportions, which increase the seating comfort.

I70 model comes in two different versions: mesh or upholstered. Both can be combined with Ivars adjustable headrest.



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I70 is a one-of-a-kind chair that must be personally experienced to be truly appreciated: contact your sales person to try it for yourself.

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