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Wednesday 05 May 2021, Vestone


From Monday 3rd May registration is officially open for the Vestone Half Marathon, the Ivars Tre Campanili, scheduled for Sunday 4th July 2021.

This year, as in previous years, Ivars has chosen to support this sporting event as its Main Sponsor, continuing our desire to play our part in the local enhancement of the beautiful area in which we live: we are proud to be very fond of it, and our commitment to its People is evidenced by the several other social activities the Company has chosen to support over the years, perfectly coherent to Ivars’s approach and philosophy of placing the "Man at the Centre".

Despite these challenging times, the entire Ivars Tre Campanili organizing committee backs the importance of returning to athletes a stage on which they can perform, helping them once again enjoy the thrill and the adrenaline that are part and parcel of this event, which is held in such a wonderful setting. In full compliance with the current legislation, though, we are also equally committed to safeguard the health of all concerned, and, to this end, this year’s event will be organised accordingly to a precise anti-Covid protocol, in order to ensure its carrying out smoothly and in complete safety. For further details, please refer to the official competition rules.

You can register to take part in the 14th edition of Ivars Tre Campanili directly on the website

For all updates, please follow the Ivars and Ivars Tre Campanili Facebook pages.

The Ivars Tre Campanili event will take place on Sunday 4th July!

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