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Ivars “Tre Campanili” Half Marathon gets a makeover

Friday 06 December 2019, Vestone


Ivars Spa is pleased to announce that we will be renewing our backing for the Ivars Tre Campanili sporting event for the fourth consecutive year as a demonstration of our desire to promote our local community, which we have always had close links with and feel very close to.

On the occasion of this latest edition of the event, Ivars has also contributed to the major restyling of the image of the Half Marathon. A new look has in fact been chosen for all the event’s official communication both in order to give it a stronger and more clearly-defined identity, thus favouring greater visibility, and in order to make the athlete more central to the event, an approach in perfect coherence with the "Individual at the Centre" vision which underpins our philosophy here in Ivars.

The new logo has been designed to respect the historical identity of Ivars Tre Campanili but has been studied to meet the current communication needs.

All that remains is to wish everyone good luck in your preparations and let you know that the Ivars Tre Campanili event will take place on Sunday 5 July 2020!

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