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Italy Export 277 n.3/2021

Editorial, ADV

October 2021


Our work makes yours better

Expertise and entrepreneurial foresight gained in more than 70 years in business, continuous investment in research and development, monitoring of market trends, ongoing dialogue with clients, and the desire to always guarantee added value: this is the winning formula that has enabled Ivars to develop a versatile, functional and complete range of Accessories, becoming a leading partner for companies over the world.

Ivars Accessories Division also offers a range of products oriented to the B2B market. Such as the Seating Division and the Building Division, it aims to serve a broad range of sectors: from the furniture sector to DIY, from hardware to wood and metal processing, and even the hospital sector.

The product range is particularly rich, varied and able to guarantee a wide availability of sizes and alternative uses, making Ivars Accessories indispensable in a vast range of everyday contexts: tube covers, glides, castors, feet, knobs, accessories for chairs, furniture and tables, items for offices, items for medical and hospital settings, coat hangers, umbrella stands, and items for bed bases. The entire Ivars Accessories offer is designed and produced in Italy to ensure maximum quality and outstanding service.

Within the Accessories Division, the castors sector is of a great importance; in fact, in recent years it has grown considerably, and now features a selection of some twenty different types of castors, representing significant annual production levels.

Though originally intended only to complete component kits for office chairs, in recent years the product range has been significantly increased to the point where it can now meet the demands of a multitude of different needs and uses.

Indeed, Ivars castors today are used in numerous sectors to complete a diverse range of furnishing elements, household products, electrical appliances, and even hospital products.

In addition to guaranteeing a quality accessory produced exclusively in Italy, Ivars castors sector also provides customers with a complete service, including the option of preparing customised kits tailored specifically to their intended use: together with the number and type of


The company thus confirms its commitment to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, in total harmony with its vision of the Man at the Centre.


Ivars, our work makes yours better.

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