Marilyn, the seat with a refined personality

Wednesday 23 September 2020, Vestone

Marilyn, the seat with a refined personality

Marilyn is the new Ivars model with highly refined and distinctive design, created to furnish Directional environments. Its sinuous, elegant lines make it the perfect choice for more formal and elegant offices. The chair is also available in a low-backrest version to give a touch of style even to younger and more informal Start Up Office environments.
Despite the highly stylised design, it is a versatile model that boasts a wide range of options, with 10 different configurations in several colours: black with black mesh, white with grey mesh, white with black mesh.
This also makes Marilyn an ideal seating proposal for furnishing Home environments, and thus an excellent response to the growing phenomenon of home working. What’s more, its elegant and refined style makes it a great solution for furnishing home interiors as well as the guest area of an office.

Along with its distinctive design and outstanding versatility, which make it very attractive and ideal for both Office and Home, Marilyn boasts another major advantage which is particularly significant in light of the ongoing Covid-19 health emergency: ease of cleaning.
In fact, Marilyn offers the proven advantage that both the visible plastics and mesh can be cleaned and sanitised extremely easily and without damaging the materials. Recent tests have shown that Marilyn's mesh can be cleaned with products having a chlorine concentration of 0.1% without degrading in any way.

These results confirm the possibility of sanitising not only the plastics at sight models, but also the mesh used for all Ivars chairs in the catalogue, thus guaranteeing thorough cleaning.
Over the last few months, the company has been able to announce that is possible to clean and sanitise all the models with plastics at sight without any risk of damaging them. In fact, extensive testing has shown that its sufficient just to wipe them with a cloth dampened with a mixture of water and bleach (or ammonia) at 0.1% dilution or water and 70° alcohol, or even using steam-cleaning equipment at 100 °C.  Thus, the cleaning process has been proved to be not only effective but simple and safe.

With Marilyn, Ivars further demonstrates its commitment to providing increasingly effective and timely responses to market needs.
Marilyn is the result of in-depth research, which blends together design, functionality and hygiene, giving the customer high possibility of customisation and safety of use.  Thus, it perfectly exemplifies the managerial vision that inspires the company’s work each and every day.

As Domenico Bonomi from the Export Sales department states:
Marilyn is undoubtedly an innovative, unique seating proposal which stands out within the extensive range of Ivars seating. The extremely refined lines make it easy on the eye, sinuous, intriguing, and distinctive.
Without doubt, Marilyn perfectly embodies our corporate vision that places Man at the Centre, guaranteeing comfort and style.”

At Ivars, placing "Man at the Centre" means not only that we respond effectively and promptly to our clients’ requests. It also means conceiving, creating, and developing new solutions for chair components, whose common denominator is innovation created to improve everyday life.
At Ivars, we strive to ensure that our entire product range provides an increasingly strategic and effective response to current and future market demands.
Indeed, all our chairs are the result of thorough and ongoing analysis of market trends, customer and sector’s specific needs, in-depth research into future colour trends and an extensive study of ergonomics. And Marilyn is the perfect synthesis of all this.

Always Ivars...your added value.

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