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The castors catalogue gets a makeover

Tuesday 08 June 2021, Vestone


As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible service to our clients, we have chosen to give our Ivars Castors Catalogue a makeover and incorporate it into our Accessories Catalogue, with the aim of guaranteeing a complete and fully updated tool for this specific product category.

Ivars castors sector has in fact grown rapidly in recent years, concrete proof of the constant development of our Accessories product offering. Today, we are able to supply at least twenty different types of castors, recording a considerable annual production, wholly manufactured in Italy.

Though Ivars castors were originally intended only to complete component kits for office chairs, in the last few years we have significantly enlarged our product range to a point where we can now meet the demands of a multitude of different needs and uses. Indeed, today our castors are used to provide enhanced functionality within a multitude of sectors: they complete many different types of furniture (no longer just chairs, but also cabinets and drawer units), household products, electrical appliances and even hospital products.

At Ivars, our philosophy is to place Man at the Centre, which aims first and foremost to ensure maximum client satisfaction. In fact, also with the castors range, we do not just offer quality accessories, but we guarantee a comprehensive service.
According to the clients’ orders, we can prepare complete kits, tailored to each particular use, which, together with the number and type of castors requested, can include other complementary accessories.

Consult the new catalogue to find out more.

For over 70 years now Ivars has been a leading company on the international market also within the Accessories sector, thanks to our extensive, distinctive and competitive product offer, and also to our large-scale manufacturing.

We are able to meet the needs of a hugely-varied range of B2B sectors: from the furniture, do-it-yourself, hardware, timber and metal processing, right through to the hospital sector.
Our goal is – and always has been – maximum client satisfaction.

Ivars, your added value.


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